Ow! My eyes!


Did you ever stare at something so long it hurt your eyes? Or stare at the eclipse :) ?

That’s how I felt after looking at just one picture book manuscript after over an hour.

It may not sound like much, but there were four colors of Sharpie markings all over it based on three critique partners feedback, and my own edits. So, yeah, OW MY EYES HURT!

I made changes onto Scrivener on my iPad, and began looking through that. But, the damage was done.

They didn’t literally hurt, it was more focus. I just couldn’t do it anymore.

I tried to go to some poetry.

But, no.

I tried another manuscript.


Maybe next time I’ll set a timer if I know I want to look at just one 450 word manuscript. Take a break after twenty minutes, do something else, then get back to it. Of course, I’d have to set a timer for my reward time.

I do have an app called ‘Be Focused’ which I LOVE, but haven’t used in quite a while. I have it set for twenty minute work periods, with five minutes of reward rest, then it resets itself. I’ve used it successfully in the past, I just need to get to it again.

Would it have helped the other night?

Who knows. But it wouldn’t have hurt.

Redesign of a Writing Space


Shortly after my last post, I decided to work on my writing space that really is just a storage space. I completely reorganized the desk, and organized all my edited manuscripts- the printed ones, at least, and built a mini wall to block off the rest of the area. Really mini. The organizer on the left? Yeah, that’s my Great Wall of Blocking. We do have two old doors in our garage. I may just clean them off, hinge them together, and use them to really block off the space. I’ve actually sat down there a couple times, too, and did a bit of work! I still prefer a comfy chair, so having a larger part of a bigger room would be awesome, but not feasible right now. How long before the kids move out????

What do you think? Do you have a designated creative area?


Spaces serve many functions. I’ve used twelve by the end of this sentence! And that’s not counting the one I’m sitting in, or the space in my brain where the neurons are firing across the synapse (or something like that).

My summer writing space (when it’s not 99).

My summer writing space (when it’s not 99).

For the purpose of this post, I’m talking about writing spaces. I have a somewhat dedicated writing space, but I can’t seem to make it functional. It’s in our basement, with one small, tiny window that stays covered because on the outside, it’s where our garbage cans fit- plus, no light gets through anyway. It’s also the teenagers’ space, and their friends. The only space we have a TV, and our Xbox. So it’s not always quiet. My desk also houses our printer. And takes up some of the space. Maybe it’s me, maybe I don’t want to sit at a desk and write on my iPad. Maybe that’s why I avoid my typewriter for some poetry. Maybe it’s because, when it’s warm, my writing space it outside.


This is my writing space, for now. And I need to make it better than it is. The basement is multi functional., as I said. The old kids’ space is directly to my left (like the card catalogue?). Lots of shelves for books, Lego figures and ships we still have, and some Star Wars stuff from my childhood, and my son’s as well. Some steins, figures, and lots of photos. Maybe I just need to sit down there and think about what I want that space to be, and make it so. I have a carpet over the cement floor, a nice chair, and really do have plenty of space, shelving, and organizational objects to help. I just need to make it mine.


BUT, it you have any thoughts and ideas, please throw them my way in the comments below!