You loved it, they didn’t.

You wrote, revised, had critique  partner(s) look at it, revised again, and again, and you loved it!  But someone didn’t.

How dare they :)



A severe criticism (given politely, with helpful suggestions) can hurt.  Does hurt.  Even if you say it didn’t, and they’re wrong anyway, it still hurts.  Maybe even enough to make you want to quit.

But you can’t.

                  Do I have to keep going??? 

                  Do I have to keep going??? 

Writing is a journey with no real ending. And it really is!  I’ve talked to and listened to many authors, agents and editors.  If you want more than just one book, or one poem, published, there is no ending.  Sure, there are stopping points.  But, there’s always another hill to climb- or the same one, depending on how you look at this journey we’re on.

 This is a journey with many bumps and bruises, raging rivers to cross when the bridge is out, and thunderstorms to take cover from (anyone annoyed by that preposition at the end?  It’s truly okay to be there. It’s nothing to be afraid of...).

But, you can begin a sentence with a conjunction, and you must also get up, dust yourself off, dry off from the raging river, recover from that lightning strike, put your backpack on (or get back in the RV), and continue on your way.

If you write, you are a writer.  There truly is no end to your journey.  Just stopping points.  Some good, some bad.  Okay, many bad, but the good ones make it worthwhile.  Whether the good ones are extrinsic, or intrinsic (and THOSE are the ones that matter the most), they over power  the bad, and they keep us going.